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The menut-transportation system
for meal-services

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  Advantages of DUO
Cleanliness and environmentally friendly
DUO dishes are designed to prevent foods from spilling and running into other dishes.This means that a meal can be transported hygienically and cleanly having been divided into separate courses. The transportation boxes also remain clean.
All parts are dishwasher safe and may be chemothermically sterilised. When cleaning in the dishwasher it is merely necessary to check the water hardness and the amount of detergent and rinsing agent used, and that a uniform temperature is maintained. The item must not be jammed or distorted during the washing process.
In the large-scale catering industry – e.g. in hospitals, hotels, restaurants and canteens – the same items of crockery are used again and again for different people. However, the crockery should look pristine. That is why we chose stainless steel, china and polycarbonate for menut. These materials are all particulary suitable because they do not react with food and can withstand high temperatures.
For many years now they have proved their worth in the commercial catering industry.
The well thought-out structure of the menut container assures protection against dust, damp and external influences. This protection is essential, because “meals on wheels” are at risk from all kinds of contamination after they have left the kitchen.
Take notice of the portioning hints, keep the temperature above the dangerous ranges, so you avoid the increase of bacteria.
Simple to operate
Social meal deliveries are generally a service aimed at the elderly and the disabled, who often have limited mobility. Every menut item has therefore been designed to be very easy to use.
The different parts of the meal can be taken out in any order, so, for example, the soup can be eaten first without the main course getting cold. Or the salad can be eaten first without the soup and the main course going cold.
Space saving
There are robust and compact trolleys available to transport the outer containers and all the dishes. These can be taken into even the smallest kitchen. This means that you will need only 0.88 m2 floor space for 42 menut DUO containers. It also dramatically reduces the work involved in unloading from the kitchen area to the adjoining areas.
Using the menut system enables main courses, soups and cold foods to be measured out, packed and dispatched independently of each other. This makes the individual work routines more efficient, thereby saving time.
Because the DUO boxes are so compact, stackable and stable, all kinds of vehicles may be used to transport them. It is therefore unnecessary to use an insulated car or one with an energy supply.
The menut system will pay for itself very quickly and all its parts have a very long life. There will be no regular expenses such as disposable dishes. Because nothing else is required there are no regular resultant costs. The menut system costings may be calculated exactly.