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The menut-transportation system
for meal-services
with classical china-ware.

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Advantages of Major


Cleanliness and environment friendliness
Deep moulds of the Major-dishes by menut prevent the meals to overflow and to flow into one another. The meal stays appetizing, the particular components cleanly separated. The transport boxes stay clean too. All parts are suited to dish-washing machines and can be disinfected. While washing in the dishwasher you have to take care only for the hardness of the water, not to overdose detergent and rinsing agent and check the uniform constant water temperature. Dishes must not be jammed or distorted in the washing machine.


In hospitals, hotels, restaurants and canteens the same dishes are used again and again by different people. That should not be noticed. That is why menut choose chrome nickel steel, china-ware and polycarbonat as materials. They are suitable for dishes because they react neutral with food and can withstand  high temperature. They proved their excellence for years.


Transport security
The carefully thought out construction of the menut-box guarantees secure protection against dust, moisture and external mechanical influences – necessary because the meals are usually in danger as soon as they leave the kitchen.


Take notice of the portioning hints, keep the temperature above the dangerous ranges, so you avoid the increase of bacteria.


Easy handling
Social meal services are often thought for elder or ill people with restricted skills. All menut-parts are constructed so they can be handled simply. Customers can eat soup first without the main course getting cold or salad first without soup and main course getting cold.


Modest room needs
Robust and compact trolleys can circulate in narrow kitchens too. Parts of the work can be carried through outside the kitchen.


Time saving
Portioning of main course, soup and cold dish can be done independently. That helps to save time.


The compact Mayor-boxes can be piled and so can be transported in all kinds of vehicles. Refrigeration and insulation are not necessary.
The costs of purchasing the menut-system pay off fast because of the long lifetime of all parts. Permanent expenses for one way disposable materials can be saved. No follow-up costs arise. The menut-system can be calculated exactly.