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Step 1
Fill Cold dish, close it and put it into the bowl.
Step 2
Put on the plate carrier.
Step 3
Portion the chief meal, put it in the plate carrier (the plate should be preheated up to 90 C)
Step 4
Put on the plate cap.
Step 5
Fill the soup into the soup bowl and put the closed bowl into the plate cap (the soup bowl should be preheated up to 90 C)
Step 6
Put on the DOM-Cap immediately.

Filling by the servingline
Preheat the Chief meal dishup to 90/100° C. Put the plate-carrier with plates on the line. Do the serving. Put on the plate cap immediately. Batch the bowl for cold meals, the chief meal unit and closed soup bowl, put on the DOM-Cap und close the Rayo system.
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